blue butterfliesWelcome to the Orbit Independent Living Compulsive Hoarding Project.

The Compulsive Hoarding Project began as an innovative two year research and development project between the Orbit Coventry Care and Repair team, a Home Improvement Agency, Coventry University and the Knowledge Transfer Partnership.

Project aims

The initial aims of the project were to explore the most effective ways of addressing compulsive hoarding at a local level, address the environmental impact, promote healthy living and address the social isolation many people with hoarding tendencies experience.

Achievements so far

In July 2013 the two year project was completed with the launch of the “Compulsive Hoarding Frontline Worker’s Toolkit”, a solution orientated Toolkit that places the individual at the heart of the service. Rather than just de-clutter a property, a strategy that has been found to often exacerbate the client’s condition, staff now use therapeutically designed interventions and relapse prevention plans.

The partnership has provided a platform in which frontline professionals, academic researchers, clients and their families have been able to work together to gain a deeper understanding of the scale and economic, environmental and social impact of hoarding.

Future aims

The success of the project has resulted in a further two years funding, with the creation of a “Hoarding Training and Development Officer” post to continuously develop the Toolkit, deliver a range of complementary training programmes, raise awareness of compulsive hoarding and develop improved service provision and partnership working throughout the UK.

About the Authors

Roland Simmons – KTP Associate and Project Lead

Roland Simmons graduated from Coventry University in 2010 with a degree in Occupational Therapy. During his studies he completed three successful placements in a hospital, community mental health and contemporary setting gaining experience working with people with varying conditions including chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, dementia, depression, schizophrenia and young homeless people.

Following the launch of the Toolkit in July 2013 Roland left the project to further his career elsewhere.

Samantha Richardson – Hoarding Training and Development Officer

I have worked for Orbit Group for over five years in General Needs housing, allocating social housing, and in Supported Housing, working with young homeless people.  During this time I studied a Batchelors in Business Studies with the Open University.  I also work, in a voluntary capacity, for a womens’ research and campaigning organisation called Coventry Women’s Voices, developing and managing the organisation’s website.

I am really excited to be part of a project that can have a real impact on the lives of an under represented, and often invisible, group of people.

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